Upon immediately landing on www.womenscheapcarinsurance.org.uk , the first glaring problem with the site is that it doesn’t convey trust. When dealing with a financial topic, it is essential that the reader feels they have landed on a website which will give impartial and accurate advice. This site simply does not do achieve. Here are the main reasons why:

1. Layout is not professional.

The layout of womenscheapcarinsurance.org.uk is like an Amazon review site, not like a trusted source of information on saving money on car insurance. The graphic situated just below the top of the page is far too big and comes across as rather ‘cheesy’. It doesn’t feel like something you’d expect on to see from an authority figure giving out key financial information. Furthermore, there are no borders surrounding the content which makes the page look a bit bare. Within web-design circles, it is well known that dark blue colours are excellent at making content appear trustworthy. A good first step would be to make the visual smaller and to surround have the content appear on a white box against a navy background.

2. Add Bullets and Snappier Language

The site is short on content, however, this should at least make it easy to read through the key points. However, even though it is brief, it is still not that easy to read through it and pick up exactly what is on offer. Nor is the offer as enticing as it should be to the reader. Breaking up the content into shorter paragraphs, adding some of the main points as bullets, making use of bolding and italicising, and adding visual aids such as arrows, should make it flow better, be more appealing and get more readers to click through.

3. A Stronger Call To Action

The goal of the site is to get the reader to click through at the bottom to compare insurance quotes. However, the site does not emphasise the desire action in strong enough terms. The owners of womenscheapcarinsurance.org.uk should consider having a graphical button at the bottom with arrows pointing towards it, to encourage people to click through. In addition, by surrounding the call to action with a testimonial and/or a promise of a possible annual figure the visitor may be able to save, they would increase the likelihood of visitors taking positive action once they arrive at the insurance comparison site.